Gingerbread Template Architectural Styles

Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Gingerbread Templates inspired by Architectural designs and styles,

based on character defining features.

Architectural Styles

Eclectic - Colonial Revival - Side-Gable Style

Typically two-story, with side-gables. Some include pedimented dormers, eaves with a broad overhang, and grouped front-facade, which vary from earlier Georgian and Federal Colonial styles.

Folk - Gable-Front - Traditional Style

Typically a narrow two-story gable-front house with a relatively steep roof pitch.

Folk - Gable-Front-and-Wing - Northern Style

Typically a gable-front two-story house with the addition of a side-gabled wing added at a right angle, forming the L shape.

Romantic - Greek Revival - Gable Front-and-Wing Style

Typically one or two-story, with gabled or low-pitched hipped roof having either an entry or full-width porch supported by prominent square or round columns. This is a less common style with the addition of a side-wing with a side-gabled roofline lower than the dominant front-gabled portion.

Romantic - Italianate - Towered Style

Characteristic of an Italian Villa, with a tower that is centered on the front facade, placed alongside the front facade, or occupying the position where the wing joins the principal section of an L-shaped house.

Victorian - Queen Anne - Hipped with Lower Cross-Gables Style

Typically one, two, or three story, with the most distinctive Queen Anne characteristics and encompasses over half of all Queen Anne houses, with a steep hipped roof with typically two cross-gables, one front-facing and one side-facing, both asymmetrical to their facades. If present, a tower is typically placed on the corner of the front facade.

Several variations of the Queen Anne house exist, based not only on house shape or roof style, but also decorative detailing.

Victorian - Queen Anne - Traditional Style

Traditionally, either one, two, or three story, with a steep pitched roof of irregular shape (gabled, hipped, or a combination of both), typically with a dominant front-facing gable, cutaway bay windows, and the use of textured shingles to avoid a smooth-walled appearance.

Whimsical - Artist Creativity - Any Style

Artistically creating a gingerbread piece without any Architectural style influences.

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