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Gingerbread Template Architectural Styles

Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Gingerbread Templates inspired by Architectural designs and styles,

based on character defining features.

Architectural Styles

Eclectic - Colonial Revival - Side-Gable Style

Typically two-story, with side-gables. Some include pedimented dormers, eaves with a broad overhang, and grouped front-facade, which vary from earlier Georgian and Federal Colonial styles.

Folk - Gable-Front - Traditional Style

Typically a narrow two-story gable-front house with a relatively steep roof pitch.

Folk - Gable-Front-and-Wing - Northern Style

Typically a gable-front two-story house with the addition of a side-gabled wing added at a right angle, forming the L shape.

Folk - I-House - Traditional Style

Typically a narrow two-story house with side-gabled walls, that is one room deep and two rooms wide.

Folk - New England Tradition - Saltbox Style

Typically two-story with side-gable walls, with the half-room expansion in the rear of the house covered by an elongated roof on the backside.

Folk - Side-Gabled - Traditional Style

Typically a one-story house with side-gabled walls.

Minimal Traditional - Side-Gabled Roof (Cape Cod)

The Minimal Traditional house was known as the "house that could" - with a simple exterior design that gives the small house the appearance of maximum size. This house typically has a gabled low or medium pitched roof, and minimal amounts of added architectural detail. The Side-Gabled style house, commonly called Cape Cod style, is typically a one-story side-gabled house. This style of house may be asymmetrical, and include varied window placement, small porches or carports, and perhaps a half-story finished living space under the roof (think attic bedroom).

Modern - Shed - Front Facade

Typically multi-directional and occasionally coupled with a gable roof, with a smooth roof junction usually with little or no overhang.

Modern - Shed - View Facade

Typically multi-directional and occasionally coupled with a gable roof, with a smooth roof junction usually with little or no overhang.

Romantic - Greek Revival - Gable Front-and-Wing Style

Typically one or two-story, with gabled or low-pitched hipped roof having either an entry or full-width porch supported by prominent square or round columns. This is a less common style with the addition of a side-wing with a side-gabled roofline lower than the dominant front-gabled portion.

Romantic - Italianate - Towered Style

Characteristic of an Italian Villa, with a tower that is centered on the front facade, placed alongside the front facade, or occupying the position where the wing joins the principal section of an L-shaped house.

Styled House - American Vernacular - Hipped Style

Typically a one or two story simple geometric form, with walls clad with one dominant material - generally wood, stone, or brick, with a simple hipped-roof form and an uncomplicated covered porch with unadorned porch supports and railings.

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