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Gingerbread Templates by Architectural Style

Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Templates inspired by Architectural designs and styles,

based on character defining features.

Styled House - American Vernacular - Hipped Style

Styled House

American Vernacular

Hipped Style

ca. 1935 to present

The traditional style consists of: 

Main areas of elaboration:  Lack of decoration and adornment.

Universal Feature: A styled house with a  traditional design that mimics the past. Commonly acheive a large size in an "additive" manner - many small elements joined together.

Shape: Simple geometric forms.

Levels: One or two-story

Roof Style: Simple hipped-roof form. 

Porches:  Typically lack decoration uncomplicated one or two story porch, with unadorned porch supports and railings. 

Windows: Typical double-hung windows with simple frames. 

These Gingerbread Templates are inspired by this Architectural Style:

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