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Ivy Gingerbread House

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1 : 24

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Ivy Gingerbread House e-Template


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Ivy Gingerbread House e-Template

Ivy Gingerbread House


Pre-Printed/Shipped Template

Ivy Gingerbread House Template

The Ivy Gingerbread House, inspired by a real house somewhere on the east coast, started as a custom template request and has become a favorite for many.    (Yes, on occassion we do accept custom design template requests).  Click "Contact Us" in the webpage footer to submit a request for a custom template.

The Architectural inspiration for this gingerbread house is the American Vernacular style home.  The roof is a simple hip design with two gabled wings, and a shed style roof on the backside.  The house includes a large chimney on the exterior wall and a large porch.

Many of the design elements of this gingerbread house can be elimated or moved, to create a different look.

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