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Gingerbread Templates by Architectural Style

Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Templates inspired by Architectural designs and styles,

based on character defining features.

Romantic - Italianate - Towered Style



Towered Style

ca. 1840 to ca. 1885

The traditional style consists of: 

  • Most elaborations: Windows, cornices, porches, porch columns, and doorways. 

  • Levels: Typically two or three-story

  • Roof Style: A low-pitched hipped, centered-gable, or front-gabled roof, with moderate to wide overhanging eaves supported by decorative brackets commonly placed on a deep decorative trim band, that are arranged singly or in pairs . 

  • Porches:  Typically lack decoration, utilizing simple square posts, and are usually single-story, and either a small entry porch or full-width. 

  • Windows:  One or two pane, tall and narrow, and usually arched or curved above, frequently including elaborated crowns. Paired and triple windows are common. 

  • Bay Windows: Typically included on both the first and second story, and have slanted sides, decorative brackets at cornice line (not always aligning with corner boards or sides of windows), hipped roof, and a segmental arch are common on the upper window pane. 

  • Doors:  Typically in the same design as windows, with elaborate enframements above doors similar to those over the windows. 

Many houses include the addition of a square cupola or tower in the center of a pyramidal hipped roof. 

The Towered style is characteristic of an Italian Villa, with a tower that is centered on the front facade, placed alongside the front facade, or occupying the position where the wing joins the principal section of an L-shaped house. 

The towers typically have narrow paired windows with arched tops. Tower roofs are usually low-pitched and hipped, or steep mansard roofs.

These Gingerbread Templates are inspired by this Architectural Style:

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