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Gingerbread Templates by Architectural Style

Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Templates inspired by Architectural designs and styles,

based on character defining features.

Eclectic - Colonial Revival - Side-Gable Style


Colonial Revival

Side-Gable Style

ca. 1880 to ca. 1955

Inspired by English and Anglo-American period houses, Colonial Revival refers to the entire rebirth of interest in early English and Dutch houses. The Georgian and Federal styles are strong influencers, as are early Postmedieval English and Dutch Colonial houses. 

The traditional style consists of: 

  • Shape: Rectilinear

  • Front Façade: Typically symmetrically 

  • Door/Front Entry:  Prominent front door, centered, typically with a decorative crown (pediment) supported by pilasters or extended forward and supported by slender columns to form an entry porch, with a fanlight or sidelights. 

  • Windows:  Double-hung sashes, usually multi-paned in one or both sash, and typically in pairs. 

There are several variations similar to earlier Federal and Georgian Colonial types.  Some of the features between the Colonial Revival and the earlier Federal and Georgian Colonial types are found in the details: 

  • Finish trim being regular-machine-made versus the original slightly-irregular-hand finishes; 

  • Broken or segmental pediments without supporting pilasters; 

  • Sidelight windows around a door without a fanlight above; 

  • A portico with a curved underside; 

  • Heavily elaborated entrances; 

  • Flatter door surrounds; 

  • Open eaves and rake with exposed rafters; 

  • Windows have multi-pane upper sashes hung over lower sashes with only a single large pane

  • Round or hexagonal windows on front-façade

  • Oversize windows; 

  • One-story side wings; 

  • The use of bay windows or paired windows; 

  • Asymmetrical facades. 

The Side-gabled roof style is rectangular, two-story, with side open-gables

Some include pedimented dormers, eaves with a broad overhang, and grouped front-facade, which vary from earlier Georgian and Federal Colonial styles.

These Gingerbread Templates are inspired by this Architectural Style:

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