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Gingerbread Templates by Architectural Style

Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Templates inspired by Architectural designs and styles,

based on character defining features.

Modern - Shed - View Facade



View Facade

ca. 1965 to ca. 1990

Simplistic in overall design and simplified roof design. Common features include overall asymmetry with strong lines, and seamless roof and wall intersection.  

Roof: The Shed Style refers to architecture that makes use of single-sloped shed roof.  Normally this type of home will have few separate roofs that are sloping towards different direction.  Shed style house plans all have at least one thing in common - the single angle style roof.   

Windows:  Shed houses generally have several large windows, designed to give panoramic views of the outside. Some of the windows may be clerestory windows. High up near the ceiling, clerestory windows are designed to let sunlight penetrate deeper into the structure than an ordinary window would. If placed correctly, they can also let the sun’s light heat northern walls.

Levels: One or two story height.

The View Facade style is typical used for a second home when facing a view of a lake or other scenery.

These Gingerbread Templates are inspired by this Architectural Style:

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