Share your sweet Gingerbread Talent!

Do you enjoy creating your own gingerbread templates?  

Do you enjoy designing/decorating gingerbread creations?

Share your sweet gingerbread talent and become a
Gingerbread Architect or Designer!

Gingerbread-By-Design's purpose is to share and promote the craft of gingerbread, and also to share tips, advice, and expertise to give our fellow gingerbread builders the resources they need to be successful in the world of gingerbread. 

The goal of our gingerbread templates is to provide engaging content that will educate and inspire gingerbread builders to try new solutions and advance their skill, and enjoy the craft of gingerbread.

Gingerbread-By-Design is looking for:


  • Gingerbread Architects - People who enjoy creating their own gingerbread templates and want partner with Gingerbread-By-Design to sell their template;  

  • Gingerbread Designers - People who enjoy decorating gingerbread houses and want to build and develop a design for a gingerbread house using an un-published Gingerbread-By-Design template, to earn a share of the sale of that template.

Gingerbread Architects and Designers are independent contractors, they are not an employee of Gingerbread-By-Design.

Gingerbread Architects and Designers are required to sign into an Independent Sales Agreement with Gingerbread-By-Design.  If you are chosen, this agreement will be provided as part of the sign-on process.

If  you are interested in partnering with Gingerbread-By-Design and becoming a Gingerbread Architect or Designer for Gingerbread-By-Design, simply complete and submit the Gingerbread Architect-Designer form, and we will be in touch.

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