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Create a charming Got-Snow Snowman for your gingerbread house!

Updated: Oct 12

A favorite addition to my gingerbread display, the "Got-Snow" snowman!

The St. Andrews Gingerbread House includes this cute little guy! Follow these easy instructions to make the "Got-Snow" snowman.

Make a puddle of snow with a mixture of glaze (powder sugar and water). Add just enough water so that the mixture is liquid enough to spoon-out, but not too liquid that the mixture runs all over.

Roll a fresh marshmallow around in your hands until the edges are smooth and the marshmallow is round.

Place marshmallow (head) on top of the snow-puddle.

With marzipan (or gum-paste, fondant, or your choice of "clay") that you have already colored, make top-hat, gloves, scarf, etc.

Make "Got-Snow" sign out of paper, tape to tooth-pick, and place in snowman's glove.

Click here for instructions for the white wrought-iron fence.


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