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Create Stunning Edible Wrought Iron Fencing for your Gingerbread House

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

How to make edible wrought iron fencing for your gingerbread house, using edible Re-bar!

Edible wrought iron for your gingerbread house! This is the coolest thing. The spaghetti acts as re-bar providing reinforcement. This is a great idea for fences. This looks like a lot of instructions, but the process is fairly easy and goes quick.

Color your Royal Icing black/gray for the look of wrought-iron, or leave white.

Fill large 14" Pastry Bag with black/gray Royal Icing (using a large pastry bag is important to allow enough room for your piece of spaghetti to be pushed completely into the bag of icing in order to cover well).

Use a Wilton Tip #5 (dry spaghetti fits thru it and allows for frosting to cover spaghetti).

Lay dry spaghetti on wax paper, on a cookie sheet.

Take each piece of spaghetti and push the spaghetti into pastry bag, thru the tip.

Slightly twist the spaghetti to coat with frosting then gently squeeze the pastry bag, slowly pulling out the spaghetti.

Continue to slowly pull-out the frosting coated spaghetti, holding the spaghetti at the unfrosted end.

Lay frosting coated spaghetti on cookie sheet to dry.

After several hours remove from cookie sheet.

Cut off spaghetti end with scissors.

Cut spaghetti/rebar into desired lengths

Place spaghetti on cookie sheet (lined with wax paper) in the desired fence design. Place a drop of Royal Icing at end of spaghetti/rebar

Place "fence posts" at each end of fence

Place a drop of Royal Icing at desired spot for "fence stringers" to attach.

Place "fence stringers"; Let dry

After each fence section is dry, place the edible wrought iron fencing onto your gingerbread display where desired, using more Royal Icing to keep in place, and adding a little swirl on the bottom and top ends of the stringers (covering the raw spaghetti ends).

Download - How to make wrought-iron inst
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