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Creating a Gingerbread Tree House: A Festive DIY Guide

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Gingerbread Architect: Gingerbread-By-Design/Loreta Wilson

Gingerbread Designer: James Wilson


Gingerbread Tree House

This Gingerbread Tree House was designed by James Wilson, and he absolutely did not want to use any candy! Oh the thought!!!! Instead he wanted to incorporate a tree made from wood, green stems from plants found outside, and moss on the ground.

The approximate footprint/size of this house is 7" wide x 6" deep x 10" tall.

The Gingerbread Tree House is relatively easy, utilizing a Shed Roof style house. What take a lot more time is building the tree-stand! The Gingerbread Tree House provides instructions for building the gingerbread house, but not the specific tree-stand. This gingerbread house can be build with or without the tree-stand.

Construct Gingerbread Tree House while building your tree.

  • Obtain wood base large enough for the Tree.

  • Secure your desired “Tree Trunk” wood to your wood base (that will lay flat on the work surface). The easiest method is to drive a long wood screw from the underneath side of the plywood up thru the “Tree Trunk”.

  • Secure decking platform. For the decking platform, cut your desired size and shape using plywood (or other desired material). Cut a hole in the middle of the decking platform to fit over the “Tree Trunk”. Secure this deck platform to your tree trunk using wood brace supports as necessary.

  • Construct the walls of your Gingerbread Tree House around the "Tree Trunk", on top of the deck platform.

  • To secure the roof, make sure the hole in gingerbread roof is large enough for the "Tree Trunk". Apply icing on top edges of wall pieces and then slide the roof piece over the "Tree Trunk", setting the roof piece on top of the walls.

  • Add greenery as desired to your "Tree Trunk".


Gingerbread House Architectural Style

The Architectural inspiration for this gingerbread house is the Modern Shed View Façade style home, with a normal pitched shed roof. This style of home first became popular as a second home, with the windows facing a scenic view such as a lake or river.


Gingerbread House Special Design Elements

How-To instructions for special design elements can be found on the Gingerbread-By-Design Blog. The following special design elements were used for the Gingerbread Tree House:


Gingerbread House Decorating Candy

Doesn't everybody have a box of left-over candy stored in their closet, at all times? I'm always scoping-out the perfect candy for my next gingerbread creation!

Candy used for the Gingerbread Tree House: None. Boo Hoo!


Gingerbread House Templates

Download e-Template

Download the e-Template to your electronic device, print on your printer, cut-out the template pieces, cut your pieces from gingerbread dough, bake, and assemble per the instructions provided. All templates are full-size and ready to use. No enlarging required.


Pre-printed templates are also available. These templates are pre-printed for you to then cut-out the template pieces, cut your pieces from gingerbread dough, bake, and assemble per the instructions provided. The pre-printed template packet includes:

  • Template printed on 67lb card stock

  • Supply and Candy List

  • Recipes, including number of batches needed

  • Rolling, Cutting, and Baking instructions

  • Assembly instructions with step-by-step pictures

  • Decorating suggestions, including design elements utilized

  • Ziplock storage bag to store your templates

All templates are full-size and ready to use. No enlarging required.


Gingerbread-By-Design provides The Best Gingerbread Templates! View the entire collection here!


Gingerbread House Pictures

More pictures of the Gingerbread Tree House are available at these locations:

Did you make the Gingerbread Tree House and want to share your pictures? Click here to upload your pictures to be added to the Gingerbread-By-Design Photo Album!!


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