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Gingerbread Windows: Easy DIY with the Hard Candy recipe

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

There are several ways to make windows for your Gingerbread House. My favorite method is using the Hard Candy Recipe method.

Cook a batch of clear hard candy as below (please note - this hard candy is VERY hot and not recommended for children to make):

1 cup granulated cane sugar

1/3 cup hot water

1/3 cup light com syrup

  • Combine sugar, hot water and corn syrup in a heavy saucepan.

  • Place on high heat and stir with a wooden spoon until all sugar crystals are dissolved. Clip on thermometer.

  • Continue cooking, without stirring, to 290F, then remove from heat.

  • Entire cooking process takes about ten minute.

  • Option 1 - While the hard candy syrup is hot, pour a puddle of hard candy onto aluminum foil. Let harden (about 20 minutes). After cooled, remove the circles of hard candy from the aluminum foil, and affix to the backside of your gingerbread piece with Royal Icing, to replicate a piece of glass.

  • Option 2 - Lay gingerbread pieces flat on aluminum foil. While the hard candy syrup is hot, pour the syrup into each window area of your gingerbread piece. Let harden (about 20 minutes).

The pictures below are from using Option 2 (my preferred method), with the candy syrup tinted yellow. This gingerbread Tree House had a lot of windows!


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