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GBD Construction Gingerbread Dough

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

After what feels like a lifetime of trying different gingerbread dough recipes, looking for the perfect dough for constructing a gingerbread house, I think I may have found the perfect recipe.

I rolled and baked two large rectangles and let them sit on my kitchen counter-top in the rainy damp Pacific Northwest... and low and behold... they are still hard as rock!

We have a winner!

This dough does not require a mixer. It's simple to make with a sauce pan, large mixing bowl, and a little bit of muscle.

Click here to open a .pdf to print or download this recipe .

GBD Construction Gingerbread Dough

1 cup (340 g) Corn Syrup (light or dark)

3/4 cup (165 g) brown Sugar

1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp (128 g) Shortening

4 1/2 cups (576 g) All-Purpose flour

2 tsp (4.6 g) ground Cinnamon

2 tsp (3.6 g) ground Ginger

1 tsp (2.1 g) ground Cloves

1/4 tsp (1.5 g) Salt

Note: This recipe makes enough dough to roll-out approx. 242 square inches @ 1/4” thick

In a medium saucepan, heat corn syrup, brown sugar, and shortening.

Stir mixture over medium heat until shortening is melted.

Continue to cook until full boil. Remove from heat and let sit until cool enough to handle (approx. 15-30 min).

In a large mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients.

Make a well in the middle of dry ingredients, and add warm wet mixture.

Mix dough with a wooden spoon or sturdy spatula.

Continue to mix until well incorporated.

Kneed dough by hand until combined and dough is smooth (about 10 rotations)

Kneed dough until a smooth ball is achieved.

Divide dough in half and flatten, placing each half in a sandwich ziplock bag to keep from drying out.

Repeat recipe until enough batches of dough have been made as per template instructions.

Click here to open a .pdf to print or download this recipe .

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