Heidi's Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Architect:

Loreta Wilson

Gingerbread Designer:

Skill Level:

Finished Dimensions:

14" Wide x 15" Deep x 16" Tall

Architectural Inspiration:

Fireplace Type:

Bay Window Type:

Dormer Window Type:

Dormer Type:

Tower or Turret Style:


Heidi's Haunted House came to be when a friend of mine (Heidi) tagged me on this picture on Social Media... claiming this house would make a fantastic haunted gingerbread house. I couldn't agree more! So off I went to create the template for this awesome dilapidated, probably haunted, soon to be covered in candy....house!

Heidi's Gingerbread House

Heidi's Gingerbread House Template