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Heidi's Gingerbread House

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Heidi's Gingerbread House e-Template


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Heidi's Gingerbread House e-Template

Heidi's Gingerbread House


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Heidi's Gingerbread House Template

Heidi's Haunted House came to be when a friend of mine (Heidi) tagged me on this picture on Social Media... claiming this house would make a fantastic haunted gingerbread house. I couldn't agree more! So off I went to create the template for this awesome dilapidated, probably haunted, soon to be covered in!

I later learned that this Italianate house was built in 1880 by Franklin W. Knox who was a lawyer located in Coudersport, PA.  This was formally known as the Old Hickory. 

The best design element of this gingerbread house is the tower!  Add fun striking candy to make this an eye-popping halloween or holiday gingerbread house.

More information about this house can be found at

This house has it's own Facebook page and the restoration project can be followed on Facebook at

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