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Easy Steps to Build a Gingerbread House Cap/Hipped Roof!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Follow these simple steps to easily assemble a Gingerbread House Cap/Hipped Roof with ease! The same method can be used to assemble a gazebo roof or other Hip roof styles on larger gingerbread houses.

The basis of this idea is to create something to hold the Gingerbread House Cap/Hipped roof pieces upside-down so you can easily frost the underneath and allow to dry.


  • Packaging Tape (or other wide tape)

  • Cardstock or cardboard

  • Your baked gingerbread pieces


  • Using cardstock or cardboard, trace/draw matching pattern pieces for your roof sections (you should have a front and back that are the same size, and a left side and right side that are the same size).

  • Using wide packaging/making tape, place tape on the two diagonal sides, sticky side up.

  • Place the two side cardboard/cardstock pieces on the tape. Do not place your edges right next to each other – make sure to leave a little room for your roof to bend inward (see photo’s below) – which also allows for the expansion of your baked roof piece.

  • Place more tape on the remaining un-taped edges, sticky side up.

  • Place the last cardboard/cardstock roof piece on one of the sticky-taped edges.

  • Pick up your roof “mold” and attach the last edge – leaving room for the roof to be flexible.

  • Now place your upside-down roof in a coffee cup (or anything that is stable to hold your roof “mold” and your gingerbread roof pieces).

  • Place all four gingerbread roof pieces in the mold, smooth “top” sides down (you are looking at the underneath side of the roof).

  • Place a good amount of Royal Icing along the edges of each roof piece, making sure to use enough glue to hold pieces together when dry.

  • This is the underneath peak of the house – use as much Royal Icing as necessary to keep roof peak strong.

  • DRY OVERNIGHT or LONGER! When dry, you can simply pick up your gingerbread Cap roof and place it on your house. No more holding the pieces on the house to prevent slipping, waiting and praying that they will stay. PLUS, all the frosting is on the underneath-side, which allows for easy roof decorating (no hard frosting to scrape-off or decorate over).

  • I made 27 houses one year and it was a breeze to make these roofs. I made 27 roof molds and assembled all the roof sections at one time. Finishing the assembly of the houses was easy since the “cap roof” was already dry and hard.


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