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Kate and Keira Bartoldus-Jeydel

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Folks are dying to get in

2021 Halloween Gingerbread-Smackdown

People's Choice - Favorite Gingerbread Display, and Favorite Use of Candy

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Information about this Gingerbread Display:

My 8 year old daughter and I made this Halloween house together. :) Our spooky gingerbread haunted house is surrounded by 13 fresh "graves", and topped with hand piped spiderweb detailing on the main roof and a skeleton's rib cage on the turret roof. The windows are crushed butterscotch candy and the monster hands, ghosts and sprinkles are sugar decorations from Wilton. Purple and white piping made with royal icing. We had to laugh after we assembled the house and realized that the design lacked one little detail, a door to actually get into the house. We figured the only way to get into the house would be through the graves outside, hence the title of our entry "Folks are dying to get in!". Happy Halloween!

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