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Monica Eskridge

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Home A place of refuge rest and care

2020 Holiday Gingerbread-Smackdown

People's Choice - Favorite Classic Cottage

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Information about this Gingerbread Display:

Home. A place of refuge, rest, and care.
The last few years I’ve gotten away from the Gingerbread House. From monuments to monoliths, the themes got larger in scale and scope, and the thought of “just a house” was boring. And then came 2020. Where home became everything - to everyone. It was where we were safest. Where we fed ourselves and rested ourselves. Where we comforted each other and frustrated each other. Where we held everything from fencing lessons to choir concerts. Cocktails to scavenger hunts. Workouts. Talent shows. Birthdays. Weddings. Funerals.
The concept of the home is universal, but we all define it differently. Whatever your home has been through this time, I hope you remember it and cherish it for what it is—the creeky floors or the shiny knobs or the leaky roof that you never got fixed last year when contractors were still allowed inside and you were too lazy because it didn’t seem like that big a deal. As 2020 comes to a close and many of us find ourselves back in the confines of our home, I hope you will find all the joy and comfort your home provides. Happy Holidays!

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