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Virginia Gingerbread House

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1 : 24

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Virginia Gingerbread House e-Template


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Virginia Gingerbread House e-Template

Virginia Gingerbread House


Pre-Printed/Shipped Template

Virginia Gingerbread House Template

The Virginia Gingerbread House is from a custom designed template (yes, on occassion we do accept custom design template requests).  Click "Contact Us" in the webpage footer to submit a request for a custom template.

The Virginia Gingerbread House is inspired by this Victorian style house which includes a bay window and front porch in the front, and the right-side wall is 2-story and the left-side wall is 1 story, with a chimney on the left side of the house.

This gingerbread house includes a shorter foundation than shown, and the bay window can either be raised above the foundation as shown, or sit on the ground.

The front door placement is not included on the front wall piece due to variations for porch height.

The porch roof will require supports (example: candy canes), and the height is adjustable; Or simply leave off the porch roof.

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