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Love-Shack Gingerbread Contest

We have four contestants in the Love-Shack Gingerbread Contest!

View the entries below and then scroll down to vote for your favorite Love-Shack!

Voting will close midnight (PST) Feb. 13th, and the winner will be announced Valentines Day!

Spread the word ~ tell your friends and family to vote for their favorite Love-Shack!


The first entry is from Autumn!  Autumn writes: "Here are my photos.  The last one includes my helpers.  We were doing some team building at home . I am not going to lie, it was mostly them, I just supervised."

Helpers.  Sure Autumn.  Free child-labor perhaps?

So, Autumn's kids (aka free child-labor) created a cute little chocolate gingerbread Love-Shack.... and also included a .... Love-Garage?  Love-Tent?  Love-Playhouse? Love-Dog House?  You be the judge, but love is certainly in the air!  And did I say the walls and roof include chocolate?  Win-Win!

This Love-Chalet contains the candy from the Gods... Chocolate.  I could easily sit on this heart-covered path and spend my afternoon eating these glorious chocolate-bricks from the path boarder, and be perfectly content with life.

Speaking of winning... Not only did Autumn no-less bribe her kids to decorate her entry, along with including several photos of her delightful Love-Compound, she also included a picture with her two child-laborers! Is this cheating?  Pulling on the heart-strings of voters? Is this voter-tampering? Or are these two laborers the results of passionate midnight expressions of love in the Chocolate Love-Yurt?

The second entry is from Megan!  Megan writes: "My photos are attached! My boys had told me they didn’t want to help then decided it looked cool at the end, or maybe they were just after the candy! I don’t think they realize yet that they can have the whole thing! LOL!"

The boys "wanted" to help?  Uh, sure Megan.  Your story sounds a bit twisted and clearly bribery was in play! Perhaps you and Autumn should connect, maybe you could learn a thing or two about free child labor.

So Megan started this creation and her boys finished this creation clearly due to bribery. None-the-less, Megan entered a cute Love-Shack that is protected by two ginormous Pez gargoyles, or are these the king-candy of bribery?  I think the Bear and Bunny gargoyles are also being bribed to protect the love happening in this Love-Cabin!  One might think there is no entering this Love-Property without a big ol' sloppy kiss from the mega-lip-gate - however - I'm pretty sure this is a silent message to those boys to keep their lips sealed regarding the candy-bribe!


If you're able to get beyond the heart-flanked walkway, fluffy cotton-candy bushes are a sweet addition to this Love-Estate!  One must wonder if more love is hiding in the bushes? Oh, and a pool!  A love-pool!  How many midnight love-swims happened in that love-pool?


But look closely, is Megan conspiring with the universe and trying to win your vote with special foretelling hearts? Be Mine?  Kiss Me? I'm Yours?  Or is Megan just trying to spread the love beyond the reaches of her Love-Residence?

The third entry is from Sarah. Sarah writes: "Here are my photos for the Love Shack contest. I call it #The Perfect Man".

Sarah is single.  Sarah is obviously searching for #ThePerfectMan, and he is made of chocolate!  He's sweet and decadently rich!  Sarah provides not one, but two Love-Shacks on her search-for-love entry!  Neighbors?  His and Hers?  Sister Wives?  Yes.  Sister Wives.  Sharing #ThePerfectMan.  That must be it!

#ThePerfectMan stands guard over his Sister Wife Love-Villa, with a heart-shaped path covered in pristine red sugar-gravel, and "LUV YOU" growing among the perfectly sculpted M&M bushes. #ThePerfectMan appears to be providing love, affection, AND yardwork on this Love-Plantation. This hunk-a-hunk-a burning love is indeed #ThePerfectMan to manage the passion, tenderness, and grounds keeping on this Sister Wife Love-Ranch.

Did you notice the prominent use of #ThePerfectMan?  Sarah appears to be searching the internet with her own hashtag... to find a date for Valentine's Day... or to obtain votes? Hmmm.....