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Gingerbread Templates by Skill Level

Gingerbread-By-Design provides Gingerbread Templates for a variety of skill levels to, allowing the skill growth for every gingerbread builder, and to ensure the success of every gingerbread project.


Templates with a Master skill level may include these design elements:

At least eight walls with at least two roof ridges, Square Tower, Hexagonal Turret, Hexagonal Tower, Octagonal Tower, Octagonal Turret, Round Tower, Round Turret, Round and Curved walls.

Flat Dormer, Shed Dormer, Triangular Eyebrow Dormer, Gabled Dormer, Hipped Dormer, Hipped-Deck Dormer, Oriel, Polygonal Bay, Square Bay, Bow, Curved Eyebrow Dormer, Polygonal Dormer.

Open Gable, Shed (half-Gabled), Saltbox, Clerestory, Cross Gable, Gambrel, Pent, Stepped Gable, Box Gable, Cross Hipped, Flat with Eaves, Flat with Parapet, Half-Hipped, Hip roof with Deck, Mansard, Parallel Gable, Pyramidal, Square Pyramid, Simple Hip, Hexagonal Pyramid, Octagonal Pyramid, Conical Cone Roof, Dome Roof.

Balcony, Columns, Square Gazebo, Hexagonal Gazebo, Octagonal Gazebo, Cupola.

These Gingerbread Templates are designated as this Skill Level:

Template Name
Skill Level
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