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Create Stunning Ice Cream Cone Trees for Your Gingerbread House

Updated: Oct 12

These are the most simple trees to make for a gingerbread display. All you need is some Royal Icing, ice cream cones, and candy.


Place the ice cream cone on a firm surface covered with wax paper. I use a cookie sheet so I can move the trees somewhere safe as they are drying.

Apply royal icing to the ice cream cone. I'm using black in this photo for my Halloween gingerbread house (Heidi's Haunted House).

Apply candy as desired.

Repeat for the desired number of trees, using a variety of candy. (You can also see I'm making wrought-iron fencing, which is drying in this photo as well). When applying "sprinkles" to a tree, pour some sprinkles onto a flat surface, coat the ice cream cone with Royal Icing, and then roll the tree into the sprinkles coating all sides.

When the trees are dry, apply to your gingerbread display as desired.


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