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2019 GBD On-line Holiday Gingerbread-Smackdown

The results are in and we have the winners of the 2019 Gingerbread-By-Design On-line Holiday Gingerbread-Smackdown! We want to thank all of our talented participants for sharing their gingerbread creations with us.


The voting was intense, and the competition was tight, but the people have spoken! We want to give everyone who participated a well-deserved round of applause! We appreciated everyone's hard work, dedication, and creativity. Until our next Gingerbread-Smackdown, happy gingerbreading!

Click here to view photos album with all the entries!

Gingerbread Smackdown 2019.jpg

2019 People's Choice (Structure)

Andrew Forman - 2019 People's Choice Gingerbread

Andrew Forman (and his daughter) win the People's Choice Award for the best structure, with their Candy Cane Estate gingerbread display.  Andrew (and daughter) created a stunning estate that contains sugar glass windows with LED interior lighting.  The Candy Cane Estate is from the St. Andrews Template available at  Andrew tells me the yearly gingerbread house is a tradition that he's done with his daughter for 15 years now. She is now the sole decorator and creative director. Andrew bakes, pours sugar glass, and assembles the structure - and his daughter does the decorating!  Looks like a great team!

2019 People's Choice (Non-Structure)

Barb Amabile wins the People's Choice Award for the best non-structure, with her American Ginja Warrior gingerbread display,  Barb entered a holiday obstacle course inspired by the tv sports competition American Ninja Warrior! Gingerbread family members have been cast as Ginja competitors and fans, and the entire display is made from edible materials. Structures are made from colored gingerbread and the figures are made from fondant.

Barb Amabile - 2019 People's Choice Gingerbread

2019 Best Holiday Spirit

Frances Evans wins the Best Holiday Spirit Award with her Merry Choo-choo-mas gingerbread display.  Frances uses homemade gingerbread dough, royal frosting, Oreo cookies for wheels, black licorice rails, and assorted candies in box cars. The lanscape is filled with waffle ice cream cones decorated with royal frosting for trees.  This train is from the Santa-Express Train template available at .

Frances Evans - Best Holiday Spirit Gingerbread

2019 Best Use of Candy 

Eric Moxon (and neighbor kids) win the Best Use of Candy Award with his Honey Run Bridge gingerbread display. For 15 years Eric has designed and built a gingerbread house that his kids, and now the neighbor kids, decorate with candy. It is then displayed at their elementary school and my office for several weeks. This year’s creation is a memorial to the Honey Run Bridge that was destroyed in the 2018 Camp Fire.

Eric Moxon - Best Use of Candy Gingerbread

2019 Most Colorful Gingerbread 

Kathy Mazza wins the Most Colorful Gingerbread Award with her Seussical Whimsical gingerbread display.  Kathy handmade templates to cut the walls and roofs - and then rolled fondant and cut circles with a small cutter for the roofing shingles.   She enjoys making realistic houses - but, knowing this one would be delivered to a children’s hospital after her family party in early December she decided to go with lots of candy and color instead. Kids and adults alike all smile when they see gingerbread :) 

Kathy Mazza - Seussical Whimsical Gingerbread

2019 Best Architectural Replication 

Sharon Buckwell wins the Best Architectural Replication Award with her Old Fire House gingerbread display.  This totally edible piece has a gingerbread base structure with pastillage brick, pastillage horses and fire truck. The windows are gelatin. All is painted with food colors.   This is a replica of an old firehouse that Sharon took a picture of back in the summer while visiting Canada. The original sits on the corner of John St and Broadway in Orangeville, Ontario.  Sharon took it back in time and added the horse drawn fire truck.

Shron Buckwell - Orangeville Firehall Gingerbread

2019 Best use of a Gingerbread-By-Design Template 

Kate Bartoldus wins the Best use of a Gingerbread-By-Design template with her Waterford Holiday party of 5 gingerbread display! This Gingerbread house is based on the Waterford House template (available at​) . The roof is made from hand-cut fondant circles and the windows/lake are crushed hard candy. All Christmas trees are hand beaded and made from royal icing and sugar cones. All piping is royal icing.Our gingerbread family of 5 is enjoying the holiday season! Mom and Dad are at the top of the walk, little sister is in the gazebo waiting to open presents and the brothers just caught their first fish in the gingerbread ice fishing hut. Last but not least Santa and a couple of his reindeer can be found on the rooftop! 

Kate Bartoldus - Waterford Gingerbread House

2019 Most Spectacular Gingerbread 

Jessica Frost wins the Most Spectacular Gingerbread Award with The Lost City gingerbread display.  The Lost City was created using a light brown gingerbread dough. All buildings are gingerbread cookie. Sand is gingerbread flour. Poseidon statue is sculpted gingerclay. Small statues are baked gingerbread cookies made from molded toy figurines. Water is painted ginger infused gumpaste. Moss is green ginger flour mixed with shredded coconut and yellow sugar.

Jessica Frost - Most Spectacular Gingebread

Congratulations to all! 

Watch for our next upcoming contests!

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