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Gingerbread e-Template for the Candy Cane Gingerbread Cottage by Gingerbread-By-Design. The Candy Cane Gingerbread Cottage is a fun little one-story gingerbread house based on the Minimal-Traditional style house, with a Side Open-Gabled roof (commonly referred to as a Cape Cod style). 


This style of house was known as the "house that could" - with a simple exterior design that gave the small house the appearance of maximum size.  Either assymetrical or symetrical, and may include varied window placement, small porches or carports, and perhaps a half-story finished living space under the roof (think attic bedroom).


This gingerbread house includes a front wing, two porches, and an exterior chimney on the side gable.  A fun intermediate skilled house to expand upon gingerbread skills.


How to purchase and download the gingerbread e-Template:

  • Add the desired e-Templates to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Click "View Cart" after all e-Templates have been loaded into the shopping cart
  • Click the "Checkout" button
  • Place your order.  


Upon completing your purchase:

  • The THANK YOU page will include a link to download all purchased e-Templates .
  • A download link will also arrive via email that will function for 30 days.  Make sure to check the SPAM folder. 
  • Download the .pdf template to your electronic device.
  • Print on your personal printer using standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  • Cut-out the paper template pieces.
  • Prepare gingerbread dough.
  • Cut pieces from your gingerbread dough.
  • Assemble per the instructions provided.


This Gingerbread e-Template includes:

  • Gingerbread House Template (All templates are full-size and ready to use. No enlarging or tracing required)

  • Supply and Candy List

  • Recipes, including how many batches of dough is required for this design.

  • Rolling, Cutting, and Baking instructions

  • Assembly instructions


The e-Template packet does NOT contain digitally drawn blueprints and thus will not work in CAD.


For more info view the FAQ's here


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Candy Cane Gingerbread Cottage e-Template

  • Architect and Designer

    Gingerbread Architect: Gingerbread-By-Design

    Gingerbread Designer: Loreta Wilson

  • Skill Level

    Skill level for this house is Intermediate due to the multiple roof-lines, the added wing, and two porches.

  • Size

    Finished size: 13" wide x 11" deep x 10" tall.   This does not include the base measurements.

  • Share your gingerbread talent

    Share your talent!  Upload your photos to be added to a Gingerbread Photo Album!

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