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Alpine Gingerbread House

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1 : 24

Finished Dimensions:

Roof Style:

Bay Window Style:

Dormer Window Style:

Dormer Style:

Tower or Turret Style:

Balcony Style:

Column Style:

Cupola Style:

Gazebo Style:

Alpine Gingerbread House e-Template


e-Template Download

Alpine Gingerbread House e-Template

Alpine Gingerbread House


Pre-Printed/Shipped Template

Alpine Gingerbread House Template

This is a fun little house, with the style ranging between an Open-Gable, A-Frame, and Whimsical, and could easily be a real house up in the mountains somewhere!

This gingerbread house is great for novice builders.  A little more difficult than the Elf or Pixie house since the front wall section is two walls pieced together that produces an outward facing angle.  Perfect for the snowy-woods and view of the lake!

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