Just Wear the Darn Mask!

Hey Everyone!  I've decided to put gingerbread on hold for a bit, and break-out the ol' sewing machine!

My name is Loreta Wilson, and I am not a professional seamstress, nor do I intend to become one.  However, thanks to my mom teaching me to sew over 40 years ago, I can hold my own when it comes to knowing how to sew, and how to create something from nothing.

During my lifetime I've made a variety of sewn items such as children's clothing, dolls and quilts, and I never ever thought I'd be making masks.  But here we are.

To help the human race conquer this Covid19 virus, I am creating fabric face masks.  Yes, these masks are all hand-made by me in my home studio, not in some factory.

These masks are the rounded  muzzle-type, not the pleated type.  The mask is approx. 7" from top to bottom of the arc, and fits from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin.  


All I'm looking to do is cover costs and shipping, and..... help the human race to share the love, and not the virus. 


All YOU need to do is just wear the darn mask.

  • Update: ALL masks now include silicon cord locks to help adjust the fit.

  • Masks made with 100% cotton double layered fabric.

  • Machine Washable; Press with hot iron (cotton setting) for additional disinfecting.

  • New Elastic type!  (As seen on professional masks).  Soft rounded elastic that is comfortable to wear, loops fit comfortably around the ears.

  • "One size fits most" - Mask is approx 7" from top to bottom, and covers from the top of the nose to under the chin.

  • Mask is reversible to a complimentary fabric (after washing from prior use).

  • Top stitched for reinforcement.

  • Masks are custom made and shipped from Eugene, Oregon within 2-4 days.

  • Free First Class shipping with the purchase of 4 or more masks (within the US) 

    • Option to upgrade to Priority Mail shipping at check-out.​

  • Children are advised to wear masks under the supervision of adults.  

    • Please indicate during checkout if a mask is for a child, and which mask.

Want to make a donation to my mask-making cause?

Purchase 4 or more masks - get FREE First Class shipping!


Masks are reversible to a non-holiday fabric.

Thankful for Christmas 

Masks are reversible to a non-holiday fabric.

Valentines Love

Animal Kingdom

Holiday related masks are reversible to a non-holiday fabric.