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The Gingerbread-By-Design Blog is a place to share gingerbread services and updates and raise awareness for the craft of gingerbread. This Blog is also a place to share tips, advice, and expertise to give our fellow gingerbread builders the resources they need to be successful in the world of gingerbread. 



Provide engaging content that will educate and inspire gingerbread builders to try new solutions. Content should be informative and valuable.



Gingerbread builders seeking to build or boost their gingerbread skills. They may already have some exceptional skills or may be beginners.


Style and Tone

  • The Gingerbread-By-Design Blog is straight-talking, concise, and actionable.

  • The tone is fun and approachable, yet professional in terms of grammar and structure.

  • Please feel free to speak directly to readers with your own voice and share your gingerbread experiences.

  • Content should be engaging, informative and offer solutions.

  • Blog posts should not be overly self-promotional and should be unique to the Blog.


Length and Format

  • Articles should start with a short introduction into the topic.

  • Content should be well-researched, with links to sources and references as needed to support the topic.

  • Include at least 5 images, as appropriate to your blog topic.

  • Upon approval, Gingerbread Blog Writers will be provided information regarding how to submit Blog articles.


Gingerbread Blog Writers requirements

  • Pre-approval required  (complete and submit the Gingerbread Blog Writers form)

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