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Tammy Graf

Display Name:

Dilly Dilly Castle

2020 Holiday Gingerbread-Smackdown

(Click photo for larger view)

Information about this Gingerbread Display:

The theme started out as just a regular castle, but then the Superbowl hit so I changed the theme in honor of the RAMS. One of the NFL sponsors is Bud light and the "Bud Light Knight".(who is dressed in blue and silver) They have a sayings when they get a touchdown is DILLY DILLY. You will see on the banners outside the castle drawbridge it says Dilly Dilly. I played off the "Bud Light Knight"/ Castle theme.

Its all Gingerbread (except for the 'knights') I used dark molassas for the castle. Upside down Ice Cream cones for the top of Castle. Black licorice for the draw bridge. It was alot of fun to make on 4 rainy days in a row.

Thank you!

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