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Alexis Zolner

Display Name:

Bean Cottage

2020 Holiday Gingerbread-Smackdown

(Click photo for larger view)

Information about this Gingerbread Display:

I looked online for inspiration for a cottage with a curved roof and found a drawing posted on Pinterest "A Casa Dos Ursinhos" that I played around with. I built the house using foamcore first and using a scalpel, put slits in the roof so it would bend and follow the curve of the house. I laid hot gingerbread on top of the roof and it then took the shape of the roof. One side turned out better than the other. Beans are used to mimic stone walls and the windows are just square pretzels. Red licorice pieces are on the roof and the hedge is made out of rice crispies. I found the giant pink marshmallows in an Asian foodstore and the pig is out of marzipan. The gingerbread shutters and doors are left over from previous years. The jury is still out on using this technique for the roof. Last year I bent metal roofing shingles to get the curve I wanted and laid the hot gingerbread on top of the shingle. It was difficult to keep the gingerbread from sliding off on the foamcore roof but I didn't have that problem with the metal shingle. This house is 11 inches tall and the base is 11 X 6.

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