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Esther Morris

Display Name:

Yule Tide

2019 Holiday Gingerbread-Smackdown

(Click photo for larger view)

Information about this Gingerbread Display:

Santa is a relaxing on his own private island the day after Christmas! Here Santa catches a sweet wave made of poured isomalt. Except for the isomalt sugar and chocolate figure elements, it is constructed entirely of gingerbread with no internal supports. The house is traditional gingerbread construction put together with royal icing. Later Santa will relax in his “tin-roofed” beach house, which is supported only by 4 gingerbread palm trees. The roof, palm leaves and rope railing are made of edible ginger clay (made with ground ginger snaps), and everything is painted or colored with food coloring. Santa is modeling chocolate over spaghetti, and the surfboards are packed gingerbread covered with modeling chocolate. Happy Yule Tide!

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